The Venice Collection

Nothing compares to the dreamlike atmosphere in Venice, where the melting of air, water and earth creates lightrooms of shimmering beauty and fugacity. Twelve very special and carefully selected photographs open a gallery of tender lagoon pastels, warm stony cityscape and ancient reflections of silver and gold.
Printed with ink on premium photo paper with a true baryta layer, all these nuances and colors develop an amazing intensity and richness of details, a great vivacious look, perfected by the semi-gloss finish of traditional silver halide photographs.
The more you approach the scenery, the more it begins to whisper to you: about sacred places and hidden corners, splendid festivities and simple life, until in the end you wish to hear the whole story, you wish to be there and become one with floating history.
In honor of such a precious feeling, every photograph is studiously printed by hand and layed in a case, that testifies to the lucky synthesis of classical italian colored paper and high german bookbinding expertise.
Presenting this way a real Fine-Art-Treasure, you may discover inside the glance of your own memories, waiting to be brought home.


Photo Projects

SILVERMOOD® Calendar-Edition 2024


The SILVERMOOD ® Frankfurt calendars have been published since 2022 and visualize the wonderful and diverse nature of this city, which made it to the final round in the competition for the “European Green Capital Award” and was also named “European City of Trees” in 2014!

The new edition “WATER POETRY 2024” opens an inspiring and varied picture sheet of some of Frankfurt’s most beautiful city waters.

The natural impressions were created both in the 68 km long green belt and in the parks and gardens of the Main metropolis, which, together with over 90 rivers, streams, lakes and ponds represent livable oases and important habitats for plants and animals. 

Wall calendar in DIN A4 portrait format, 13 colored illustrations, monthly overview and Calendar with space for notes.

The Calender Edition 2024 can be ordered directly from the photographer (shop@silvermood.com) as well as from bookstores.
ISBN 978-3-00-074734-2  UVP 16,00 Euro




Susanne Oehlschläger

Susanne Oehlschläger

The photographer and picture editor Susanne Oehlschläger has lived in Frankfurt/ Main for over 25 years and has taken the city firmly in her heart through countless photo tours.
Together with graphic designer Thomas Pötschick from Aschaffenburg, she creates high quality calendar editions in a sophisticated design under the SILVERMOOD® label.
In addition to Frankfurt, her great love belongs to the lagoon city of Venice, to which she feels attracted again and again.

All photographs from the editions GREEN in the CITY and The Venice Collection are available as highly elaborated Fine-Art-Prints on premium photo paper Ilford Galerie Gold Fibre Silk 310 GMS up to a format of DIN A3. Optionally as individual prints in a beautiful gift envelope (A5, A4), in a gift roll (A3) or as a series of 12 photographs in a handmade luxury cassette (A4) – see “The Venice Collection”. Prices on request.

Susanne Oehlschläger will be happy to provide a sensitive and atmospheric Photo Essay about your particularly beautiful garden or exciting “green” project in Frankfurt/Main!