Vineyard Seasons

Wein- & Sektgut Wilhelmshof, Siebeldingen 

Barbara Roth and Thorsten Ochocki are winegrowers with body and soul. Together they manage the 300-year-old family winery “Wilhelmshof” in the southern Palatinate, one of the most awarded estates in Germany. From growing and picking the grapes in the company’s own vineyards around Siebeldingen to vinifying the wines in the cellar, almost all work is still done by hand. The sparkling wine base wines obtained by gently pressing whole grapes are sparkled, shaken and also disgorged in their own estate. This is how extraordinary wines and special sparkling wines based on the Méthode Champenoise, which are the great passion of the winemaking family, are created. In the 2019 reporting year, Wilhelmshof was the first winery to be included in the German Sustainability Code.