Garden of Heavenly Peace

 The Chinese Garden has existed in Frankfurt am Main since 1989 – an oasis of calm hidden behind white walls within Von-Bethmann-Park in Nordend. On June 1, 2017, this gem was the victim of an arson attack, in which the “Water Pavilion of the Purified Heart” was particularly hard hit. At that time I was planning a series of photos about this special place and my regret was great. So when the garden was renovated in a very short time by Chinese experts in traditional wood construction and reopened in October 2019, there was no stopping me! Like “Phoenix from the Ashes”, the Garden of Heavenly Peace is now more beautiful than ever with its architecture made up of old trees, pavilions, areas of water and Far Eastern vegetation. The project should run through all four seasons in order to stage nature and its play of light and shadow in ever new variations and harmonies.